Shape your future with tailored data skills.

Elevate your career with our bite-size, easy-to-understand lessons, crafted for your industry and your specific role. No coding, special tech skills, or intricate math required.

Have you wanted to enhance your data skills, but aren't sure the first step to take?

Are you overwhelmed with the vast selection of courses, unsure which is the right fit for you?

Have you embarked on courses only to abandon them halfway through?

Are you discouraged by the commitment, feeling it's impossible to fit into your busy schedule?

Have you started following courses, but now feel stucked?

Are you finding the material suddenly shifts to complex math, leaving you baffled?

Data-driven Strategies for Leaders

In the driver’s seat of a dynamic business, your vision for growth and optimization relies on the strategic use of data.  Learn a bird’s-eye view of data management and data science – understanding the big picture from industry machine learning use cases to the roles involved, and even the laws and regulations, all without getting bogged down in the weeds. It’s about seeing the whole landscape, so you can lead with insight and clarity.

Build Your Foundation in Data Analysis

Dive into data analysis with ease, from grasping the basics of KPIs to unraveling the essentials of machine learning algorithms for your industry use cases. Our training ensures a no-code, open-source approach that emphasizes clarity over complexity. We bridge the gap between your enthusiasm for data and the practical skills you need, making sure you’re equipped to shine in data-centric roles, all without the need for deep dives into intricate math.

Mastering Data Management Essentials

Become the backbone of your organization’s data ecosystem. Prepare yourself to play the role of a Data Governor or Data Steward, where you optimize data for decision-making and safeguard it against any threats. Learn to bridge the vital gap between IT and business, making data accessible and actionable across departments. Understand concepts like Master Data Management (MDM), Data Modeling and Data Lifecycle Management.


Which data skills do you, or your employees, need to learn considering the role in your organisation? We can support you in the development of your training program



We build e-learning lessons for the role you want to play in your organisation. We specialize in micro-learning to help busy professionals quickly acquire new data skills.


Test your knowledge with games, as assessments offer a solid foundation for crafting a personalized training plan. Measure the progression of your team in data literacy.

About me

Hi, I’m Guylaine.

I help professionals future-proof their career with data skills. I have dedicated over 25 years to my career as a telecommunications engineer, with a primary focus on Business Intelligence and analytics.

For the last six years, I’ve been on a mission: to transform data newbies into savvy explorers. Through teaching data mining at the university level, I’ve constantly tweaked and fine-tuned my lessons, making complex concepts accessible and exciting.

But that’s not all—I’ve sifted through the wisdom of data management and data science gurus to bring you nothing but the gold standard in course content. Keeping one eye on the future, I’ve ensured that every lesson equips you with the skills you’ll need to shine in tomorrow’s world.

Join me, and let’s embark on a journey to unlock your potential in the vast universe of data. Discover your path, master the skills, and conquer the data world together.

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